Advanced Facilities

Including lab equipments such as :-
Advanced Automated Geotechnical Testing Equipments :
~ Dynamic Triaxial Testing System
~ Triaxial and Stress Path Testing Equipment
~ Constant Rate of Strain Consolidation, Incremental/
   Swell Consolidation and CBR Testing Equipment
~ Direct Simple Shear Testing Equipment
~ Rowe Type Consolidation, Permeability and Unconfined
   Compression Testing Equipment
~ Bender Elements Testing Equipment
~ Electro Mechanical Dynamic Cyclic Simple Shear (EMDCSS)


dynamic triaxial  consol2   triax2  be2

 Electro Mechanical Dynamic 
Cyclic Simple Shear 

 Constant Rate of Strain
 Triaxial and Stress Path
Testing Equipment
 Bender Element