The arrival of His Majesty Tuanku Sultan of Johor to the Program Together with the People in Mukim Sg. Balang, Muar.

The arrival of His Majesty Tuanku Sultan of Johor to the Program Together with the People in Mukim Sg. Balang, Muar District - inspiring innovation to local residents Muar_9 August 2022, today has taken place the arrival of His Majesty Tuanku Sultan Ibrahim Ibni Almarhum Sultan Iskandar, Sultan Yang DiPertuan For the State and Colony of Johor Darul Ta'zim to the Muar District to be with the people for a program of the people in the next Muar District has given an injection of innovation inspiration to the local population. This program took place in Paddy Field (Mukim Sungai Balang) which showcased innovation products from the innovation efforts of the local government, institutions and local villagers. UTHM was invited as a participant exhibiting innovative products under the Living Lab Muar initiative led by Ts. Dr. Mr. Nor Azizi bin Yusoff.

This initiative is also supported by Muar District Offce, Sungai Balang Farmers Association, SIRIM STV, Thermasite Sdn. Bhd, Muar District Agriculture Department and local farmers. The innovation produced is a composite material based on straw and rice husk. In addition, the production of composite boards also as a result of straw and plastic waste research has been successfully produced and exhibited in this event. Earlier, rice straw from the rice harvest in the paddy field area of ​​Kg. Mr. This jar has been taken for the production of the innovation product above. Among the interesting products from this straw are composite floors, composite panels, electric bulbs, paper and some pieces of furniture designed based on this straw composite panel.

This center congratulates the Living Lab Muar research group for the innovative work that has been produced. It is hoped that this innovation will give encouragement to the rice field operators to multiply their income and then be able to make this straw waste a major source of income in a little while and then to some extent help the people of Muar to improve their income by 2025.
















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