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    ~ Soil Classifications : -
       Sieve Analysis
       Liquid Limits and Plastic Limits
       Specific Gravity
       Ph Meter 
    ~ Compaction Test

    ~ Consolidation Test

    ~ Permeability Test :-
       Falling Head and Constant Head Permeability

    ~ Shear Strength :-
       Direct Shear
       Unconfined Compression Strength
       Unconsiladated Drain / Undrained


    Laboratory Facilities

    Including lab equipments such as :-
    Advanced Automated Geotechnical Testing Equipments : 
          ~ Dynamic Triaxial Testing System 
          ~ Triaxial and Stress Path Testing Equipment         
          ~ Constant Rate of Strain Consolidation, Incremental/ 
             Swell Consolidation and CBR Testing Equipment 
          ~ Direct Simple Shear Testing Equipment 
          ~ Rowe Type Consolidation, Permeability and Unconfined
             Compression Testing Equipment 
          ~ Bender Elements Testing Equipment
          ~ Electro Mechanical Dynamic CycliC Simple Shear (EMDCSS)


    Including field equipments such as :-
     -  Hydrostatic Profiler
     -  Inclinometer
     -  Field Shear Vane Borer (Geonor 10)
     -  Resistivity Imaging System
     -  Seismograph
     -  Portable Electronic Cone Penetrometer
     -  Flat Plate Dilatometer
     -  Geogauge
     -  Electrical Density Gauge
     -  Total Earth Cell Pressure
     -  Boring Machine (S.I)
     -  Catterpillar Machine

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