head of centre, recess

ts. dr. nor azizi bin yusoff

Welcome to RECESS. An acronym of Research Centre for Soft Soils which is a new Research and Development (R & D) initiative by Universiti Tun Hussein Onn Malaysia (UTHM), following the concept of United Kingdom's Soft Soil Test Site situated at Bothkennar, Scotland. Its establishment was officiated by Tan Sri Dato' Ir Hj Zaini bin Omar, Director General Public Works Department Malaysia on 28th January 2004.

The UTHM campus is constructed on soft soil and its expansion and development has aroused the concern by virtue of the existence of soft foundation soil and previous history. Thus, RECESS, was established in order to carryout field trials and adopt this as a national center for soft soil research in Malaysia. Exposure to new applied technology and full-scale testing will be a valuable meeting place for industrialists and researchers to share information in dealing with hazards arising from construction on soft soil.
Here at RECESS, we are able to function as a national research center in soft soil engineering, technology research and development and sustainability of bio-diversity and sunsequently act as a regional R & D center among ASEAN countries. 

We hope we can be an agent to enhance university-industries linkages through smart partnership programs in order to increase knowledge and skills among fellow researchers and staff. And at the same time to act as a referral center for soft soil research at national and international level.

Going forward, we hope that we are able to fullfill as the university's excelence center with research facilities adequate for full-scale and real-time testing.

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