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The laboratory is involved in a number of research projects and testing, both those initiated by the laboratory and those initiated by other institutions where the laboratory is sub-contractor. The lab offers a dating service for dating sample testing. The laboratory is also considered a teaching laboratory.  A number of undergraduate and graduate students work in the lab.    

Clients interested in using our service are advised to contact the laboratory before collecting samples for a feasibility assessment.


At Research Centre For Soft Soil, we have the expertise, equipment, and capacity to meet your full-scale geotechnical testing needs.

Our more than 4 acre of test lab space area an extensive array of testing equipment, giving us the ability to simulate operational conditions for a variety of industries, applications and materials.


A refrigerating chamber or cold room located at our laboratory to control a specific temperature is artificially generated. It is generally designed for storing testing samples in an environment below the outside temperature. some samples require a certain temperature to maintain the quality of the sample.

At the center we have a cold room to make sure these sensitive samples are always in the best condition.


To ensure we are at a high level of knowledge about soft land in the country, we have several soft soils research stations around the country. It is important to know the differences and similarities of the soft soils in various areas to understand the characteristics of the soft soils found in this particular country and the region of Southeast Asia in general.



The research conducted at this center uses the latest technology to help obtain accurate research findings while facilitating the research process as well as the optimal time period. With the help of technology, the results of the study obtained will give a more accurate indication of how the actual behavior of the new findings on site.


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